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Where Our Passion Meets Your Table

We are a family run farm in Hot Springs, Virginia with a passion for regenerative farming. We have seen how God’s design for grazing animals can heal the land and eco structure. With a focus on management intensive grazing (MiG) that mimics the way herd animals in the wild eat and move, our soil health and wildlife habitats can flourish. The result is nutrient dense foods, a thriving ecosystem, and rich soils that leave the land better than we found it for the next generation. 

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The chickens get a fall feast! Pumpkins and apples grown right here on the farm.


Our Story

From Dreams to Reality

Our farm began back in 2016 when Johnny purchased the land two weeks after he and I (Catherine) graduated college together. That big move has blessed us in so many ways, and together we've worked ever since to take it from rickety pens and fences to a place we're proud of and many different animals call home. We're always improving and learning new things, and our passion for healthy animals, good designs, quality food, and land regeneration keeps us ever moving forward.

Welcome: Our Story


Fresh Off The Farm


Grass Fed/Finished Beef

Our vision from the start, we are excited to be able to now offer our community an excellent source of grass fed and finished beef. This is a long process compared to finishing on grain. The extra time allows for our animals to truly get hog fat off of grass. This packs the meat with flavor and nutrients. Rich dark meat with beautiful marbling; you’ll be able to see and taste the difference.

UPDATE - We are currently sold out of all retail cuts except the following: 

Ground Beef …. $7/lb  (1 lb packages)

Brisket …. $9/lb  (6 lbs) 

Soup Bones .… $5.50/lb  (.77-2.16 lbs)


Pasture Raised Eggs

Ever hear your grandparents talk about farm fresh eggs? Those dark yolks are certainly something to reminisce about if you’ve had them before and have had to go back to store bought. We’ve been there. But no more! Year round, our free roaming pastured hens give us colorful, delicious eggs that we in turn get to share with you. These eggs come in every size and color some days, so don’t be surprised when you open the carton to see an array of blues, greens, browns and creams. We love the colorful variety, and hope you find it refreshing as well. 

Please call ahead of time when picking up eggs so we can have them washed and ready for you. 


Seasonal Produce

We grow our own fruits and vegetables year-round at the farm, and we often have excess for sale. We never use any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers and choose instead to lean on composing, no-till, crop rotation, and organic fertilizers such as liquid fish and liquid kelp to keep our plants healthy and render us a nutrient dense product we can feel confident about eating or putting up for sale. When we do have to control a specific pest, we do so with organic neem oil, an all-natural, non-toxic dish soap and/or food grade diatomaceous earth. Here's what we'll have now until the first frost. 


Cherry and Grape - $4/pint 

Small to Medium Heirloom - $.50 each

Large Heirloom - $1.50 each


Pickling - $.50 each

Slicing - $1 each

Summer Squash:

Zucchino Rampicante - $3 each

Zucchini - $1 each

Dark Leafy Greens:

Rainbow Chard - $2.50/bunch

Scarlet Kale - $2.50/bunch

IMG-1705 (1)_edited.jpg

Whole, Half, and Quarter Beefs

Whole, half or quarter beefs are a great option if you eat beef often, have the freezer space, and are open to learning how to prepare cuts you may not be familiar with. We can also pass along some great savings if you choose to go this route! Typically, you're looking at $4.05-$4.50/lb after the processing fee. Plus, you can customize the size and type of cuts you receive.

See Understanding Beef Shares below for more info. We are currently taking orders for Spring and Fall 2023.

Welcome: Products

Understanding Beef Shares

Wholes, Halves and Quarters Explained

How much meat will I get?

Great question! You need to know how much meat you'll be getting to plan for how much freezer space you'll need. And while we can't give you exact numbers since all animals weigh different amounts, we can give you pretty good averages. So lets get to it!

On average, a quarter beef will give you 140lbs of meat. A half will give you 280lbs of meat, and a whole 560lbs. 


So what does this mean in terms of freezer space? 

How much freezer space will I need?

1 cubic foot of freezer space will hold about 35lbs of meat.

For a quarter, that means you'll need 4-5 cubic feet of freezer space. Conservatively, this would mean 8-10 cubic feet could be relied on to hold half a beef, and 16-20 cubic feet a whole beef. 

How much will it cost?

Calculating cost is fairly simple, although different processors have different ways they categorize processing fees. We'll do this example for our main processor, and the one we will most likely use for the animal you purchase. 

Cost/lb is equal to $3.50/lb (our price/lb) + $.55 (what our main processor charges per lb) = $4.05/lb. 

This processor charges a $50 kill fee and $12.50 disposal fee for each animal. This cost is split between each person who buys a share in the animal. So, for a quarter this would total $15.63, for a half $31.25, and for a whole $62.5. Not too bad. Wish we could just cover it to eliminate this more confusing piece of price calculating, but legally, we can't. We'll help you with the math though.   


Quarter Total = $4.05/lb x 140lbs + $15.63 = $582.63 *estimate 

Half Total = $4.05/lb x 280lbs + $31.25 = $1,165.25 *estimate

Whole Total = $4.05/bs x 560lbs + $62.5 = $2,330.5 *estimate

In summary, you're looking at a take home cost of $4.16/lb total with this processor for the meat. 

What?!?! $4.16/lb for premium, grass fed and finished ribeye?! Or a roast for that matter!!? You got that right. It really saves us big not having to store the meat, deal with the long wait time and expensive processing fees for the USDA processor (required to sell retail cuts), and coordinate endless meat pickups. And we love passing on those savings to YOU! 

*Remember, we don't raise cookie cutter animals!  Weights WILL vary, although we've done our best to provide accurate averages.

Welcome: FAQ

Placing an Order

Orders can be placed any day of the week by calling Johnny at 540.830.2108, sending an email to, or shooting us a message on one of our social media pages.

Calling is the easiest and fastest way to get a hold of us. 

Pick-up location: 5815 Hot Springs Rd, Hot Springs, Va 24445

Welcome: How to Order
Harvesting Wheat

Johnny Quantz


We like to describe Johnny as the visionary, designer and builder. He sets up all the infrastructure on the farm to make things run smoothly. Water lines, fences, buildings, working facilities: that's his passion and where you'll find him having the most fun.

Catheine Quantz

 Co - owner

Catherine is in charge of all things networking, media, and most of the daily animal care. She loves seeing all creatures great and small happy, healthy, and taken care of.

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We love hearing from you!

5815 Hot Springs Rd
Hot Springs, Alleghany County 24445


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